Benvenuti a Bella Lingua

My reason for teaching Italian is to keep this beautiful language alive. What better way to keep it alive through teaching our own children, whilst learning it ourselves.

Children learn best when they’re doing activities they love, like art, craft, dancing, singing, storytelling and all in italian.  This is what Bella Lingua italian classes bring to your children and your family.


kids drawing

“Ciao Daniela, I’m so pleased that Stella is really enjoying the Belli Bimbi Italian Classes.  She is engaged but I think that’s credit to you for teaching and structuring the classes in a way that keeps her engaged. Mille Grazie.”

Marisa – Mamma di Stella


kids drawing


“I have been meaning to email you since last Friday’s session, to say a huge THANK YOU for the wonderful work you do with our children!  Zoe and Olivia absolutely LOVE coming to Italian classes on Fridays and are asking me throughout the week when is it time to come to Italian.  You go to so much effort, and always go above and beyond.  The girls had a ball last week doing BUONA PASQUA.  The hand made books which you prepared for each student were gorgeous, and so thoughtful.  Thank you so much, your passion is beaming through and we are very lucky to have a great teacher like you! Have a lovely Easter Break and we look forward to seeing you next term.”

Vassie – La mamma di Zoe e Olivia.


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“Thanks for these emails. I was just blown away at lunch today. We did a little bit of practicing in the car after class yesterday and a tiny bit with my husband before dinner. Then today I had some prawns in my noodles for lunch and I asked Gil if he would like one. I gave him one and out of the blue he said “uno per me”. I was gob smacked! We hadn’t said anything since yesterday!”

Jackie – La mamma di Gilbert

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“Wonderful lessons.   Logically structured, energetically and passionately taught! All of the props (puppets, art accessories, collage, worksheets, sequins etc… are so colourful and engaging for children, songs and all work have been so thoughtful, appropriate and well done! Thank you for your friendliness and efforts in engaging shy, little Clara!! Mille grazie Daniela!”

Leah – La mamma di Clara


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“Thank you Signora Daniela for a wonderful learning experience for me and my son Henry. You are a passionate teacher and it is such a joy to come to your classes and connect with our Italian heritage. Your classes are priceless.”

Nicoletta – La mamma di Henry


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“The classes were all great. We loved all the activities. Thank you very much”

Luisa – La nonna di Violeta e Hugo


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“The various strategies you use have been very valuable. It’s been great watching the children evolve. I’m so happy to see/hear the kids use the Italian language outside the lesson. This has never been achieved with Jaeden and we are very grateful for your teaching perserverance. Mille Grazie Daniela”

Tracey – La mamma di Jaeden & Lachlan


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“It’s a great way for kids to learn beginners Italian with games and songs to reinforce the words.”

Anita – La mamma di Sienna