La Gita a Floridia Cheese | The Excursion to Floridia Cheese

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  • November 12, 2014

One of the topics I Belli Scolari learnt in 2015 at Bella Lingua was food, the module titled “Le tagliatelle di Nonna Pina”.  To encourage further development with the language and culture, the students participated in an outing into the community.  In term 3, I Belli Scolari went to see how cheese was made at the Floridia Cheese Factory.  They were shown what was used from the farm to the shop, how and what ingredients were used to turn the milk into cheese, all the different types of cheeses they could make and finally we all tasted some freshly made ricotta. Each child then went home with some ricotta and a mozzarella cheese in the shape of a piglet.  Che esperienza fantastico!  Mille grazie a Lisa, Mauro, Fabio, Marco e i personali della fabbrica di Floridia Cheese.