Our Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy

As a child, I was surrounded by a loving Italian family, with lots of adults and older children around me, who gave me lots of love and affection. This is very much the Italian way, as Italian adults adore children and give them a lot of attention. This experience has defined in me, my confidence. Upon deciding my career, I felt that teaching was my calling. I felt that the Italian way of interacting with children seemed to have a very positive effect on them, and I’d come to realise that this was my teaching method that I was going to maintain.

Children loved incorporating the language into their play.

In teaching Italian I had a lot of children loving the language simply because I had incorporated it into games, dance, songs, art, craft, play acting and ultimately living the language.  When children can relate to the learning experience they truly understand what is being taught.  They see it, they hear it, they feel it, even taste it if possible, even though they may not say it yet, it doesn’t mean they don’t understand the feeling of it. This is my way of having children truly understand the language and using it in real life.  This is why my students walk away with a real comprehension of what the phrases and words mean, as they’ll remember that experience and the feeling rather than just remembering through rote learning.  Rote learning does have its place but it’s only one-dimensional.  My students live the Italian language through many dimensions, by experiencing it through using all their senses, then they’ll say the words and phrases, knowing what they truly mean.  This kind of learning stays with them for life.