Bel Giardino D’Infanzia | Babies – 2 yrs

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Il Bel Giardino D’Infanzia is a place where children learn Italian in a relaxed and fun environment.  The idea behind Il Giardino D’Infanzia is so the Italian language is exposed to children from birth without any pressure.  Il Giardino D’Infanzia is designed so children learn to socialise, learn about what an Italian community does and we celebrate our successes with families.  Italians hold families in high regard and Italian adults love the innocence and honesty that children bring to our lives.  There is a great acceptance of the family unit at Il Giardino D’Infanzia. The families that are already involved have summed up this program as a fun, educational and is flourished with a strong unity of community-minded people.

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Program Focus

Il Giardino D’Infanzia program not only brings families together who have the similar interests but unites the diversity of cultures that we already have in each of our own families.  This program is designed to be calming for parents yet exciting for children.  We plan the session in a structured format so children know the expectations each week, yet activities change each week to keep the children’s interests.  The variety of group and independent games, as well as the art and craft activities, encourages socialisation, creativity, risk-taking and trust.  Children learn how to join into games with others as well as have that one on one time with their guardian.  Pranzo is organised so everyone helps each other, we have discussions, and we share our food.  Anyone with allergies will see what ingredients are on each plate so they’ll know whether they’re able to eat it or not.  We take great care in looking after each other and each other’s children as if they were our own, besides this is what families do for each other and this is what Il Giardino D’Infanzia is all about.

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