Belli Bimbi | 2 yr olds

This 45 minute program is designed only for 2 year olds as Bella Lingua understands that at this vital developmental stage, even though sometimes challenging, it’s important that the Belli Bimbi move around a lot, dance to their own tune and are given short simple instructions to keep their interest in activities.  That’s why we use a particular structure in the class so the children are given an opportunity to use their ideas within the lessons.  We can’t force this age group to do anything, if they don’t want to, so we use their will to be independent in a positive way so they feel they’re being respected.  We use interactive books so they can point to, touch and feel the pictures.  They are given short phrases to copy and imitate.  The teacher speaks in Italian to the child’s guardian, in simple Italian for those parents that don’t use it often, so they hear parents and grandparents speaking in Italian which gives them an opportunity to repeat words they hear in our conversations. Our topics for this age group all relate to the world around them.


Belli Bimbi | Program Focus

Belli Bimbi’s program  keeps the 2 yr olds learning and interested.  The activities are designed to be short, quick spurts of education, that involves each and every 2 yr old equally.  Class sizes are kept small so the children get to know each other personally and along this journey, each child makes a friend or two along the way.  The Belli Bimbi program focuses on:

  • Fun
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Songs
  • Body Movement
  • Games
  • Artwork
  • Books

“Wonderful lessons.   Logically structured, energetically and passionately taught! All of the props (puppets, art accessories, collage, worksheets, sequins etc… are so colourful and engaging for children, songs and all work have been so thoughtful, appropriate and well done! Thank you for your friendliness and efforts in engaging shy, little Clara!! Mille grazie Daniela!”

Leah – La mamma di Clara