Belli Grandi Mobile | Adults Mobile

I Belli Grandi Mobile is a newly devised program which is designed around our busy lifestyles.  I hear a lot of adults say they’d love to learn Italian but find it hard to fit it in.  This program is not only affordable but also fits in with your schedule.  It has been trialed and tested so it’s a proven curriculum.  Once you’ve decided when you’d like to fit it in, then lessons begin immediately.  Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, the lessons are catered for your individual needs.  You only pay for what you use.  When the term has ended we celebrate our successes by using what we’ve learnt, into the community and practice it.

Belli Grandi | Adults

The Belli Grandi classes are geared towards adults who are interested in learning this beautiful language for a variety of reasons.  Usually, adults say they want to learn Italian because they want to travel, however, there are many other reasons.  The following are the reasons that have been researched and defined clearly by the current students studying Italian at the time of this research.  Do any of these resonate with you?

1.La Musicalità | The Musicality.

According to a group of students Italian is a “musical language”. A language that is pleasant to hear. I believe this is something that happens to thousands of people with Italian all over the world.

2. L’affetto | The Warmth.

Family bonds are very important in Italy. Children are given care and affection throughout their whole life, no matter how old they are. Despite it may look weird to foreigners’ eyes, this is what secretly appeals to many Italian enthusiasts – the idea that there is always out there a person or a group of people called ‘home’. A feeling that an Italian language teacher conveys in his/her lessons.

3. La Belleza | The Beauty.

Italy is full of beauty – art, women. An eye-candy that adds up to the musicality of the language, which makes a language lesson a real pleasure.

4. La Creatività | The Creativity.

Whether it is food, business or other pursuits, Italians are creative. Also during a language lesson. So expect it to be often unpredictable, which is usually appreciated by the learners.

5. La Passione | The Passion.

Our body language says a lot about that. I often use my hands and my dramatic facial expressions and voice tone  to show my students what I mean.   Italians are theatrical and passionate, because Italians believe that what they  put in, they get back.