Belli Prescolari + Immersione Totale | 3-5 yr olds

In the Belli Prescolari group Bella Lingua focuses more on their growing curiosity, their ability to start listening and following instructions as if it were to happen ‘magically’. That’s why the 3 yr olds are called the “Magic Years”.  Their imagination becomes more creative and fun as well.  The 4 yr olds are becoming more independent, creative and inquisitive and the 5 yr olds are coming more into their own.   That’s why Bella Lingua has brought these age groups together to learn from each other as well as teach each other through the Italian language.  The classes are focussed on an italian style kindergarten program where  the necessary skills needed, to extend their fine motor, gross motor, cognitive and social skills, are being developed.  To achieve this outcome Bella Lingua uses a variety of activities, so the Italian language is successfully attained by the child and the parents that choose to stay.

Belli Prescolari + Immersione Totale | Program Focus

The Belli Prescolari program keeps the 3-5 yr olds learning and stimulated. The activities are designed to be fun spurts of education, that involves each and every child equally. Class sizes are kept small so the children get to know each other personally and along this journey each child makes a friend or two.  Bella Lingua has now added a Total Immersion 2 hour program for this age group, for the children who were more comfortable with Italian and needed that bit more.  The Total Immersion is all about the immersion of the language, so they begin to think in italian when they see their teacher.  The Total Immersion program is based on the foundations of a Kindergarten program entering into primary school, so the exploration activities focus on their gross motor development, co-ordination and cognitive development. Since this is a new program a pre-paid trial is welcomed, just fill in the contact form and Daniela will get back to you either via Email or Phone.

The Belli Bimbi + Totale Immersione program focuses on:

  • Fun
  • Songs
  • Dancing
  • Playing Games
  • Art and Craft
  • Storytelling
  • Reading Stories
  • Roleplaying
  • Puppetry