Belli Scolari | 5-10 yr olds

Since the Belli Scolari age group are able to play more thinking games, are becoming serious logical thinkers, and are becoming thoughtful and reflective, the Belli Scolari classes are centred around the academics of school life.  Bella Lingua uses the Italian language so children will seriously think of what is being asked and expected of them. The classes are designed so each child will be given the opportunity to use his/her ideas into the program, so they will feel their input is valued.  Once the Italian language is used confidently, that’s when the total immersion classes begin to override any English that’s currently used in the classes.

Belli Scolari | Program Focus

The Belli Scolari program keeps the 5-8 yr olds learning and challenged. The activities are designed to be fun and exciting spurts of education, that involves each and every child equally. Class sizes are kept small so the children get to know each other personally and along this journey, each child makes a friend or two.

There are three levels to the Belli Scolari program: Beginners (Principianti 5-6 yr olds ) Intermediate (Intermedi 6-8 yr olds) and Advanced (Avanzati 8-10 yrs). In the Beginners (Principianti) class the program is centred around hands on and practical activities, whilst immersing the children in the language. The Intermediate (Intermedi) children will have more of an academic twist whilst doing hands on activities. The Advanced is more academic with a realistic goal in mind so their outcome is practical and realistic, so they can use it in real life.

The Belli Scolari will be using 90-100% Italian as this program focuses on:

  • Fun Games
  • Learning Songs
  • Creating Dances
  • Art
  • Storytelling
  • Reading Stories
  • Roleplaying
  • Team games