Kids Italian Lessons Melbourne

Preschooler, Kids and Toddlers Italian Lessons Melbourne

Bella Lingua teaches Italian for Kids through cognitive development games, dance, role play, songs, art and craft.

Our Italian Teaching Philosophy

See Italian

1. Learn Italian by seeing

As soon as your child steps into the classroom he/she will see the Italian language all around the room. Our classroom environment is engulfed in the Italian language which makes learning easy.

Hear Italian

2. Learn Italian by hearing

The teacher is constantly modelling the language so children hear the sound, how it’s spoken and in the correct context, so it’s easy to know how it sounds and meant to be spoken.

Experience Italian

3. Learn Italian by experience

This is where the activities come to life and each child experiences what they see in the classroom and what they hear the teacher saying.  This is where the FUN begins. 

Why learn Italian with Bella Lingua?

Simply because Bella Lingua – Italian for Kids teaches language through living it. The teachers bring the words and phrases to life through providing the experience in reality.

Children see it, hear it, touch it and do it, and through this they live the language. This is why Italian for Kids is successful because through experience children remember.

Italian for Kids Melbourne