1. What do you offer in your program?

Each class is different, however, they all contain similar learning experiences.  Each class is immersed in the Italian language. Although they’re bilingual (except the Total Immersion) the children experience living the language. That means that whatever topic is offered children are exposed to an experience where all five senses are being used to understand really what the words and phrases mean.  This evokes a memorable experience and children and parents walk away with a feeling of truly having experienced what those words and phrases mean.

2. Are trial’s offered?

Yes, trials are always welcomed, however, they are paid trials. The cost is the price of one class + $5, eg: Bimbi price for one class is $21, the trial for this class will be $26.

3. Where are the classes held?

They are held at the Ivanhoe Uniting Church, 19 Seddon St, Ivanhoe. The entrance is from the car park at the back.

4.  Is payment upfront?

Yes, payment is upfront due to the costs involved with running the classes and them being as successful as they are.

5. What if my child is sick and misses a pre-paid class?

If your child is sick and is unable to make it to class, then contact the teacher as soon as you can.  The teacher will put your child’s lesson in a take-home pack and we will either deliver it to your home or you can pick it up the following week, when you return to class.

6. Do you have make-up classes?

Yes, you’re welcome to do make-up classes if you can’t make it on your usual day.  Please check with the teacher that there is room for a make-up class, as each class has a cut-off point.  Places are left for make-ups and trials, however, it’s only two per class.  Once those are taken we can’t allow anymore, as it then becomes too full and children’s learning experiences aren’t as effective.

7.  What should I do if I’m late?

If you’re running late, just come in as quietly as possible so as not to interrupt the class.  Please don’t make a fuss, the teacher will then include your child with ease so you and your child don’t feel awkward for being late. It’s ok to be late, life isn’t perfect.

8.  What if my child won’t participate? 

If your child doesn’t want to participate don’t worry too much, it could mean they’re more comfortable observing.  They are still learning, but for them it’s through observation of the teacher and the other children. Don’t make them do things they don’t want to do like force them to sing or tell them off for not dancing with the other children. This makes the child feel uncomfortable and it may turn them away from learning.  The teacher encourages speaking the language in a non-confrontational way, so the experience is kept positive.  The classes are always run in a positive way so children are at ease. Please do not force your child to speak. They will speak in their own time. Trust your child. They will learn if it’s kept positive. Many parents who don’t force their children tend to find that one day they’ll start speaking out of the blue, or they’ll sing in italian, or they’ll be in their room and start mimicking what the teacher says in class.  It will happen. Just keep it positive and fun at all times.

9. What can I do at home to help my child use the Italian language?

To help your child use the Italian language at home is really beneficial to their learning and it concretes what they had learnt in class. The worksheets and the art and craft activity will have the words and phrases for that week on it, so at every opportunity use those phrases at home. For example: After having experienced the phrase “Oggi c’è l’arcobaleno.”  at home find every opportunity to use this phrase. Look out the window and say “Oggi c’è l’arcobaleno?” (Is there a rainbow today?) If there isn’t, say “No, non c’è l’arcobaleno.” and if there is “Sì oggi c’è l’arcobaleno”.  If this is used every day, you’ll learn the phrase as well and it will concrete it for you and your child also.  By the time the following week comes around, you’ll be ready for your next phrase. Most importantly keep it positive and fun.

10. How do I pay?

Payment is made online. Please follow the prompts once you’ve enrolled your child by clicking on ENROL NOW.  Then proceed to choose the appropriate class for you or your child.

11.  What happens if i want to book in for the term, but I already know i’ll be away on a few of those days, do I still have to pay for those day I won’t be able to attend?

No, you don’t.  If you book in for example in Term 2, but you can only attend 8 classes out of those 10, then you can put in those dates that you’ll be attending and you’ll only pay for those classes. Please note though, that casual rates are a little more expensive.  So, it may be cheaper for you to do all those classes, than do the 8 at the casual rate.

12. How much is the casual rate?

The casual rate is $5 more per class.  The following is an example of someone only attending 8 classes out of those 10 for Term 2 – 2018.

Committed vs Casual: Bimbi class for the committed term is $21 per class. So $21 x 10 weeks in the term = $210 for the term and you get all the lessons, if you’re present or not, as the lesson will be delivered to your home. Bimbi class for the casual term is $26 per class.  You’re only able to attend 8 out of 10 classes so $26 x 8 = $208 however, you don’t get all the lessons. You can make the choice to still pay for the 10 weeks or not.