Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you offer in your program?

Although they’re bilingual the children experience living the language. That means that whatever topic is offered children are exposed to an experience where all five senses are being used to understand really what the words and phrases mean. This evokes a memorable experience and children and parents walk away with a feeling of truly having experienced what those words and phrases mean.

2. Are trial’s offered?

Yes, trials are always welcomed. However, they are paid trials. The cost is the price of one class + $5. e.g. the Prescolari 1hr class is $29, therefore the trial for this class would be $34.

3. Where are the classes held?

They are held at the Ivanhoe Uniting Church, 19 Seddon St, Ivanhoe. The entrance is from the car park at the back. As you come through the glass doors, go past reception up the stairs. That is where you will find the Bella Lingua classroom.

4. Is payment upfront?

Yes, payment is upfront due to the costs involved with running the classes and them being as successful as they are.

5. What if my child is unable to attend the class, even though it’s prepaid?

If your child is unable to make it to class please let Daniela know via text message – 0422 416 147 – the night before at the latest. You can choose to still be part of the class via zoom or you can pick up the lesson the following week as the teacher will keep it for your child. If you choose to participate using zoom, your lesson will be sent via email along with the link. You’ll need to print out the worksheet.

6. Do you have make-up classes?

Yes, you’re welcome to do make-up classes if you can’t make it on your usual day. Please check with the teacher that there is room for a make-up class, as each class has a cut-off point. Places are left for make-ups and trials, however, it’s only two per class. Once those are taken we can’t allow anymore, as it then becomes too full and children’s learning experiences aren’t as effective.

7. What should I do if I’m late?

If you’re running late, just come in as quietly as possible so as not to interrupt the class. Please don’t make a fuss, the teacher will then include your child with ease so you and your child don’t feel awkward for being late. It’s ok to be late, life isn’t perfect.

8. What if my child won’t participate?

If your child doesn’t want to participate don’t worry too much, it could mean they’re more comfortable observing. They are still learning, but for them it’s through observation of the teacher and the other children. Don’t make them do things they don’t want to do like force them to sing or tell them off for not dancing with the other children. This makes the child feel uncomfortable and it may turn them away from learning. The teacher encourages speaking the language in a non-confrontational way, so the experience is kept positive. The classes are always run in a positive way so children are at ease. Please do not force your child to speak. They will speak in their own time. Trust your child. They will learn if it’s kept positive. Many parents who don’t force their children tend to find that one day they’ll start speaking out of the blue, or they’ll sing in Italian, or they’ll be in their room and start mimicking what the teacher says in class. It will happen. Just keep it positive and fun at all times.

9. What can I do at home to help my child use the Italian language?

To help your child use the Italian language at home is really beneficial to their learning and it concretes what they had learnt in class. The worksheets and the art and craft activity will have the words and phrases for that week on it, so at every opportunity use those phrases at home. For example: After having experienced the phrase “Oggi c’è l’arcobaleno” at home find every opportunity to use this phrase. Look out the window and say “Oggi c’è l’arcobaleno?” (Is there a rainbow today?) If there isn’t, say “No, non c’è l’arcobaleno.” and if there is “Sì oggi c’è l’arcobaleno”.  If this is used every day, you’ll learn the phrase as well and it will concrete it for you and your child also. By the time the following week comes around, you’ll be ready for your next phrase. Most importantly keep it positive and fun.

10. Can parents stay in the class?

The classes that parents attend with their children are the Playgroup and the Prescolari 1hr classes. The Prescolari 3hr and 5hr classes are drop offs however, at times children feel quite nervous and unsure on their first day, so parents are allowed to sit in these classes, whilst allowing their child to be part of the class with the other children, still allowing some independence. When your child is then feeling comfortable and involved in activities, then you may leave. For further information regarding separation anxiety please give Daniela a call and she will discuss specific helpful strategies for your child’s needs in relation to separation anxiety.

11. How do I pay?

Casual classes can be paid online. Once you’ve chosen the class you’re interested in, choose the date you want, click on BOOK button and follow the prompts to continue your booking. Committed classes are paid via EFT Transfer.  When you’ve chosen the class you want, and you want to commit to the term, download the enrolment form, fill it out and send it to Daniela via email on [email protected]. Your enrolment form will then be processed through Accounts, who will then send you an invoice for the term at the committed price. 

12. What happens if i want to book in for the term, but I already know i’ll be away on a few of those days, do I still have to pay for those day I won’t be able to attend?

No, you don’t. If you want to book in for the term, but you can only attend 8 classes out of those 10, then you can email Daniela with the dates that you’ll be attending and you’ll only pay for those classes at the casual price, however, those classes will be at the casual rate, which are a little more expensive. At times it may be cheaper for you to do all those classes, rather than do the 8 at the casual rate.

13. How much is the casual rate?

The casual rate is $5 more per class. 

14. What does my child need to bring to class?

For the Prescolari 3hr and 5hr class your child needs to bring their backpack with lunch and healthy fruit and vegetable snack as well as a water bottle. A show and tell toy. Sunscreen and hat. A change of spare clothes. 

Scolari – After school and Saturday classes children need to bring their exercise book and pencil case containing grey lead pencil, eraser, scissors, ruler and glue stick, food as they get hungry after school and a water bottle.

15. How can I keep a record of what my Preschooler is learning?

Each Preschooler will have a scrapbook in which their work will be kept. The scrapbook stays at school, unless parents want to bring them home to see what work they have done and then they’re expected to bring back their book each week to class. Each committed family will also receive a Storypark App Invitation, where photos will be shared on this app and sent to your inbox. Each family can also invite other family members to their child’s Storypark App so they also can see what your child has been learning that week. Parents can then download these stories on their computer as PDF documents, in which families can then print and keep or keep as a digital file.

16. Can my child borrow a book from the Bella Lingua classroom?

Children were allowed to borrow a book each week and return the following week however, quite a lot of books went missing so now Daniela will be happy to send you links to online books to read with your child at home. Just send her an email and she’ll be happy to send it through.

17. How can I have a copy of the songs that are played in class?

You may find some songs on spotify, however most of the songs that are used in class won’t be available elsewhere online, so if you’re a committed family and would like the songs, please ask Daniela and she’ll be happy to share them with your family