Italian Classes for Babies and Toddlers

Playgroup Italian Class (babies – 3yrs)

Experience one or a few classes to get a taste of how this Playgroup is run. Our intention is to cognitively develop babies and toddlers’ minds to be curious, to explore, to play amongst peers and to bond with other families, who tend to become a part of every child’s growth and development through language learning.

In the Giardino D’Infanzia Playgroup, families come together to share the joy in learning Italian with their babies and toddlers.  This program is designed to bond and connect families, babies and toddlers. So we do lots of singing, reading, dancing, play musical instruments, art and craft activities, gross and fine motor activities and we eat together.

Each family brings their own food for their children, and we eat together whilst the toddlers help with making “il succo” (the juice) using a range of fruits and vegetables, while the parents have their ‘caff√®’.  The babies and toddlers then have time to play with toys that encourage their cognitive development. You could join us as either a casual or committed family member.  This class runs for 2 hours, 9-11am.

If you want to commit to a whole term please contact Daniela via email: [email protected]