Scolari Primary / After School Italian

Scolari Primary / After School Italian

NOTE: If you prefer to have online classes please contact Daniela on as some classes will be running simultaneously with lessons in the classroom.

The Belli Scolari are placed at four different levels.
The Principianti (Beginners) which is suited for Prep and Yr 1 – Aged 5 – 7 yr olds.  These students are placed in a group of their own.

The next level is the Intermedi (Intermediate) and this age group is suited for Yr 2 to Yr 4 – Aged 8 – 10 yr olds.

The 3rd level is the Avanzati (Advanced) and this age group is suited for Yr 5 to Yr 6 – Aged 10 – 12 yr olds.

The 4th Level is the Secondary School students and this age group is suited for Yrs 7 – 8 – Aged 12 – 14 yr olds. These students are placed in their own group.

Focus: Students will learn to understand the grammar, be able to understand the language when they hear a native speaker talking, be able to write the language using the correct structure and be able to respond in a variety of situations. All facets of learning are expected, such as speaking, listening, understanding, reading and writing. The language is taught through living the language, so there is a practical component within the classes.